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Our Payroll Outsourcing services provide full support for companies looking to outsource the handling of their Payroll accounting and HR administration. G-Nius assists your business in interactions with regulators, ensures calculations are compliant to all local legislative changes (and your head office standards), and guarantees privacy of salary data. Outsourcing of Payroll and HR administration is suitable for all companies that value the working time and resources of their employees.

Our payroll & HR department ensures accurate and timely payroll processing and obligatory tax reporting. All in full compliance with local regulations and your company’s corporate policies. These operations are executed by specialists and our outsourcing projects are always controlled by an English speaking client manager, who brings together understanding of Western management practices and extensive local experience.

We support the Payroll accounting and HR administration for:

  • Teams of any size

  • Employees throughout the whole of Russia

  • Local as well as foreign employees

  • Highly Qualified Specialists

  • Employees in Special Economic Zones

  • Employees working on rotation schemes

About G-Nius Russia Payroll Outsourcing Services in Russia
G-Nius Russia Payroll Outsourcing Services - Advantages
  • We are responsible for the reliability of the results and meeting all deadlines

  • We protect confidential information

  • 15+ years of experience in providing professional payroll services

  • Individual approach to problem solving

  • Experience in serving international companies of any size from many different industries

  • In-house cooperation with legal and tax accounting specialists

  • Licensed 1C with all updates on our cloud server

  • Dedicated 1C and IT specialists to solve accounting and technical problems

  • Remote secure access to 1C at any time 24/7

  • Daily backup of the 1C database with data storage for a month

  • Data exchange between 1C Accounting and 1C ZUP

  • Your choice: electronic or paper HR documentation

G-Nius Russia Payroll Outsourcing Services - Use of Modern technology
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