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Our EOR service is a turnkey solution where we employ an employee directly on the G-Nius Russia payroll and G-Nius Russia will deal with all legal and payroll matters directly between the employee and G-Nius Russia.

Our in-house payrolling department ensures accurate and timely payroll processing and obligatory tax reporting. All in full compliance with local regulations and your company’s corporate policies. These operations are executed by our own local payroll specialists and outstaffing projects are always controlled by an English speaking consultant, who brings together understanding of international management practices and extensive local experience.

About G-Nius Russia Employer-of-Record (EOR) Services
G-Nius Russia EOR Services - Standard Services
  • Enrolling of the employee (in urgent cases this can be done within 1 working day)

  • Provision of payroll calculations for the employer

  • Execution of salary payments

  • Execution of HR documentation

  • Filing of payroll taxes

  • Payment of payroll taxes

  • Registration of sick leaves

  • Registration of holiday leaves

  • Provision of payroll slips for the employee

  • Processing of travel expenses

  • Provision of mobile phone, laptop and other required hardware

  • Provision of corporate mobile phone subscription

  • Provision of lease cars

  • Provision of additional insurances (medical, travel)

  • Provision of an office workplace

  • Employee recruitment

G-Nius Russia EOR Services - Additional Services
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