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G-Nius Russia Recruitment activity originates back to 2002, with our very first Russia assignment: recruiting a Finance manager for the Moscow office of a Dutch company in Russia. Since that moment Finance & Accounting has been a major part of our recruitment activities. We know the Russian accounting from within, and we are aware of the challenges when recruiting for Finance & Accounting positions in local Russian offices for international companies.

Finance & Accounting Recruitment in Russia


We have been recruiting in Russia since 2006. We have been involved in searches for many different industries. Executing searches every day still, we keep on learning and gaining more experience. And all this experience and knowledge is brought into each new search.


Local presence
Through our offices in the main cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg we have a local infrastructure enabling us to reach out to talents directly and assess potential candidates in their native language and environment, ensuring a high quality selection process.

Client Commitment 

G-Nius Russia represents organizations of various sizes and scopes, and we treat all searches with the same level of priority, energy, and dedication.


Candidate Reach

As a result of our extensive experience recruiting in Russia, we have a vast network of contacts, which is tapped as an immediate source of referrals and direct candidates. While this active network supports our recruitment efforts, we perform new and comprehensive research for each and every search assignment to ensure that we identify all potential candidates.

Why G-Nius Russia Recruitment?

Most common roles we recruit on:

  • Chief Accountant

  • Finance Controller

  • Finance Director / CFO

  • Accountant

  • Payroll Accountant

Companies we recruited for:

Our Trackrecord in Finance & Accounting Recruitment
G-Nius Russia Recruitment Outstaffing Payrolling

Recruitment & Payroll Services

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