Our personality profile analysis (PPA) assessment provides an accurate insight into your personality, your behavior at work, and your behavior under stress. Understanding these so called "masks" and the dynamics between them, will allow you to better understand why a certain job fits or not. The assessment provides you with an PPA profile report which will answer questions such as:

  • What motivates me?

  • Am I showing frustrations in my role?

  • Is my job playing to my strengths?

  • Am I adapting how I normally behave in my current job?

  • Is it realistic for me to adapt my behaviour over a sustained period?


The test itself takes only 8 minutes to complete. The resulting PPA report is the basis for an analysis that enables you to understand key areas for your development, have open discussions with your management about job fitting and boost the effectiveness of your job execution.

Order the PPA assessment with G-Nius now and we will provide you with:

  • A personalized invitation to do the assessment on-line

  • An executive summary of the assessment result after completion

  • An invitation for an 1 hour consult in our office or via Skype with a certfied Thomas consultant

  • The full PPA report as discussed during the consult


G-Nius is a certified partner for Thomas International, a worldwide provider of people assessment tools. For more information about these assessments, please visit www.thomasinternational.net