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G-Nius Russia Executive Recruitment specializes in executive positions in Russia. Our clients are multinational corporate entities, looking to hire professional executives into positions in Russia with country and/or region responsibility. With our key consultants having more than 20 years of experience in executive search in Russia, we can rely on an extensive network of personal contacts on appropriate levels.

G-Nius Russia : Executive Recruitment

Personal Approach

While we understand the importance of technology, we also believe in the value of face-to-face, personal meetings. We travel frequently to meet with current, prior, and prospective clients and to conduct candidate interviews to know everything


Client Commitment 

G-Nius Russia represents organizations of various sizes and scopes, and we treat all searches with the same level of priority, energy, and dedication.



We are known for our candid and open communication with our clients, discussing market conditions, the types of individuals who are attainable, and the candidate skills that would be most beneficial for achieving objectives. We analyze compensation structures, internal cultures, and position descriptions, and we work with client team members to refine recruitment strategies. We emphasize the same straightforward communication with candidates, developing relationships with them to understand their skills, character traits, career motivations, and family dynamics to ensure that all of these complement our client’s role and corporate culture, which promotes the long-term success of the assignment.


Candidate Reach

As a result of our key consultants' more than 20 years of conducting executive searches within Russia, we have an extensive network of contacts, which is tapped as an immediate source of referrals and direct candidates. While this active network supports our recruitment efforts, we perform new and comprehensive research for each and every search assignment to ensure that we identify all potential candidates.

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Koen Breken

Executive Recruitment Consultant

Tel: +7 495 665 71 10 ext. 205

Mob.: +7 915 264 92 07

E-mail: kbreken@g-nius.ru

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